Lepidocyrtinus scheepersae

Lepidocyrtinus scheepersae Cipola & Bellini, 2020

Holotype female on slide (SAM/IZIKO: SAM-ENW-C009786), 22 paratypes: 2 females on slides and 5 specimens in alcohol, (SAM/IZIKO: SAM-ENW-C009786); 2 females on slides (SAM/IZIKO: SAM-ENW-C009786 donated to INPACLL000033), same date as holotype; 2 females and 1 juvenile in slides and 8 specimens in alcohol (SAM/IZIKO: SAM-ENW-C009785), same data as holotype, except 17.x.2017.

Type locality: South Africa, Cape Town, Somerset West, Helderberg Nature Reserve, 34°03’40’’S, 18°52’20’’E (Fig. 2), Southern Afrotemperate Forest, 142 m, 13.xi.2017, beating and aspirating, A. Liu coll.