Towards resilient soil: the estimation of Collembola as a key indicator group of soil health

Soil biodiversity is vital for soil ecosystem functioning and services such as litter decomposition, nutrient cycling and various aboveground vegetation dynamics. Resilient ecosystems are needed to withstand global changes such as climate change or biological invasions. Understanding the functional roles of soil organisms is crucial to develop more sustainable agricultural practices. – Read more here 

Ecology and diversity of springtails and spiders in three biomes in central South Africa

South Africa is a biologically diverse country with very little known on the diversity, ecology and distribution of many of its soil-dwelling arthropods.  Springtails are one of many groups that have been poorly studied in the past, which led to the underrepresentation of springtail species richness and their distribution within South Africa….. Read more here 

Strangers in a strange land: key physiological innovations underpin radiation into hot, dry niches by the genus Seira (Collembola: Entomobryoidea: Seiridae)

The enormous species richness of the vascular plant in the Cape Floristic Region (CFR), located at the south-western tip of Africa, is among the most unusual in the world. They are thought to be a consequence of several factors including specific trait-environment ….. Read more here