Cryptopygus bulbus

Cryptopygus bulbus Potapov, Janion-Scheepers and Deharveng 2020

Type material: Holotype and thirteen paratypes: six paratypes on four slides and seven paratypes in ethanol; same locality, six­teen paratypes. Four paratypes deposited in ethanol at SAMC, five paratypes on three slides deposited at SMNG, seven paratypes on three slides at MSPU

Type locality: South Africa, Western Cape, Cederberg Wilderness Area, Wolfberg Crags; .32.471507S, 19.278397E; 19 Feb 2011; C. Janion-Scheepers leg.; litter, Tullgren extraction; RSA11_CED002, deposited at SAMC.

Other material. South Africa, Western Cape, Mont Rochelle Nature Reserve, Franschoek; 33.902967S, 19.158950E; 06 Oct. 2008; C. Janion-Scheepers leg.; Er­ica site with Erica-Protea (Ericaceae and Proteacea) mixed litter, litter trap; MR644, MR648, Western Cape, Kogelberg Nature Reserve; 34.328083S, 18.962250E; 29 Aug. 2008; C. Janion-Scheepers leg.; Erica Site, Litter trap (K467), with Galenia litter.


Cryptopygus bulbus holotype

Potapov, M.B., Janion-Scheepers, C., Deharveng, L. 2020. Taxonomy of the Cryptopygus complex. III. The revision of South African species of Cryptopygus and Isotominella (Collembola, Isotomidae). ZooKeys 945: 99–127. doi:10.3897/zookeys.945.51860



Cryptopygus bulbus paratype 1

Cryptopygus bulbus paratype 2


Cryptopygus bulbus paratype 3