Prorastriopes barnardi

Prorastriopes barnardi (Womersley, 1931)

Co-types SAMC.

Type location: Hottentots Holland Mountains, Jan 1916, K.H. Barnard leg., and top of Kalk Bay Mountain, Cape Peninsula, amongst grass, 12.i.1912.

Prorastriopes-barnardi_- SAM-ENW-C009585

Womersley H (1931) Some Collembola of the family Sminthuridae from South Africa. Annals of the South African Museum 30: 137–156.

Paclt J (1959) Collembola. South African Animal Life. Results of the Lund University Expedition in 1950–1951, Vol. VI. Almqvist and Wiksells Boktryckeri AB, Uppsala, 24–78.