Mucrosomia caeca

Mucrosomia caeca (Wahlgren, 1906)


Mucrosomia caeca is recognisable by its typical slender body shape, short furca and lack of ocelli and pigment. The distribution of Mucrosomia caeca encompasses South America, New Zealand, Îles Crozet, South Georgia, Îles Kerguelen and South Sandwich Islands (Greenslade 2006). On Marion Island, Mucrosomia caeca occurs mainly in soil, but it can also be found when sieving through moss or S. procumbens material.

Was Cryptopygus caecus Wahlgren, 1906.  Current name after Potapov (2001) is Mucrosomia caeca (Wahlgren, 1906)




Mucrosomia caeca


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