Cryptopygus abulbus

Cryptopygus abulbus Potapov, Janion-Scheepers and Deharveng 2020

Body size 0.6–0.7 mm. Body with regular blue pigmentation

Type locality: Western Cape, Stel­lenbosch, Jonkershoek Nature Reserve; 33.986883S, 18.955350E; 30 July 2009; C. Janion-Scheepers leg.; litter trap (J2_32).

Type material: Holotype and eighteen paratypes: South Africa, Holotype and eight paratypes deposited on four slides at SAMC, four paratypes on two slides deposited at SMNG, four paratypes on two slides deposited at MSPU, two paratypes on one slide at MNHN.




Cryptopygus abulbus holotype

Potapov, M.B., Janion-Scheepers, C., Deharveng, L. 2020. Taxonomy of the Cryptopygus complex. III. The revision of South African species of Cryptopygus and Isotominella (Collembola, Isotomidae). ZooKeys 945: 99–127. doi:10.3897/zookeys.945.51860


Cryptopygus abulbus paratype 2

Cryptopygus abulbus topotype 2

Cryptopygus abulbus paratype 3

Cryptopygus abulbus paratype 4

Cryptopygus abulbus topotype 1