Seira munroi

Seira munroi (Paclt, 1959)

Type locality: Kalahari Gemsbok National Park, Tweede Rivieren, in ants’ nests, 12-20.2.1958, H.K. Munro leg.

1 holotype and 24 paratypes NIC, 7 paratypes Museum Lund, 20 paratypes in author’s collection

Seira munroi – habitus


Seira munroi – Paratype slide

Paclt J (1959) Collembola. South African Animal Life. Results of the Lund University Expedition in 1950–1951, Vol. VI. Almqvist and Wiksells Boktryckeri AB, Uppsala, 24–78.



Seira munroi -SAMC front slide

Seira munroi -SAMC Back slide