Seira metarsiosa

Seira metarsiosa Coates, 1968

Holotype and 3 paratypes, 2 paratypes, NIC

Type locality: Holotype and 3 paratypes from grass, Hammonia district, 16.viii.1967, T.J. Coates leg, AcV67/49 … about 65 other specimens from Edenville, Ficksburg and Clocolan.

2 paratypes from lucerne, Kakamas, 2, Dec 1965, M.K.P. Meyer leg, AcV65/274 – NIC



Coates TJ (1968b) The Collembola of South Africa – 2: The Genus Seira. Journal of the Entomological Society of Southern Africa 31: 435–462.