Prince Edward and Marion Island

The sub-Antarctic Prince Edward Island Group (46°54’ S, 37°45’E) consists of Marion Island (19km long 12 km wide) and Prince Edward Island (10 km long and 6.5km wide). These islands are approximately 1920 km south-east of Cape Town and are politically part of South Africa.

Collembola species recorded from Marion Island:


Ceratophysella denticulata (Bagnall, 1941)


Friesea tilbrooki Wise, 1970


Tullbergia bisetosa Börner, 1902



Cryptopygus antarcticus travei Deharveng, 1981

Cryptopygus dubius Deharveng, 1981

Cryptopygus tricuspis Enderlein, 1909

Folsomotoma marionensis (Deharveng, 1981)

Isotomurus maculatus Müller, 1876

Mucrosomia caeca (Wahlgren, 1906)

Parisotoma notabilis (Schäffer, 1896)


Pogonognathellus flavescens (Tullberg, 1871)



Megalothorax minimus Willem, 1900



Sminthurinus granulosus Enderlein, 1909

Sminthurinus tuberculatus Delamare Deboutteville and Massoud, 1963

Katianna sp.

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