Cyphoderus trinervoidis

Cyphoderus trinervoidis Paclt, 1965

Type locality: Locality T.27, 18 miles from Pretoria in the direction towards Babsfontein, in nest of Trinervitermes trinervoides (Sjöstedt), J. L. Sheasby leg. 27.ii.1963.

Holotype SMF A 1677 and 14 paratypes SMF A 1678, 17 paratypes in Entomol. Avdeln. Zool. Inst. Univ. Lund, 12 paratypes in NIC.

Images courtesy from Biological Museum, Lund University


Cyphoderus trinervoidis – habitus

Cyphoderus trinervoidis -Holotype slide


Paclt J (1965)  n.sp., ein neuer Termitophile aus Transvaal (Ins., Collembola). Senckenbergiana Biologica 46: 59–60.